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who we are .

    PLURAL. is the design studio where we research  what kinds of interactions take place between interiors and the people who live in them.

     Our main focus is the user experience, reading between the lines of our Clients’ needs and responding to them with well thought-out solutions.

     Through tools such as style identification, functionalism and ergonomics, we are able to create unrepeatable, personalised interiors for each and every one of our Clients.

what we do .

Working with residential interiors, our goal is to create your very own unique space which is compatible with your needs, matches your taste and makes you want to come back home. We emphasize the importance of the ergonomics and comfort in every corner of your interior.

Great design means great business. It is essential in the market where the customer experience and social media are key. We’ve participated in numerous commercial projects such as restaurants, cocktails bars, music clubs, beauty salons etc., providing not only interior design services, but also branding consultations.

Whether you’d like to spice up a certain area of your home with personalized decor or make a statement by using an art-like piece of furniture, we’re here for you. We specialize in custom-made product design, with great attention to details and we are always ready to look outside the box to fulfill your desires. 

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